All-trans Cargo Services Limited's network is well experienced in all aspects of project forwarding.

With individual proposals

Whether there are requirements concerning the international transport and local Distribution of power transmission equipment, food grain, cement materials & composite industries of wearing apparels, ALL TRANS CARGO SERVICES LIMITED offers a comprehensive services program that will fulfill your logistical requirements from the planning of worldwide supplies and equipment up to on-time job site delivery.

  • Pre-tender stage
    • freight indications
    • information about routes /sailing frequencies/packing /insurance/airfreight
    • information about documentary requirements by various Bangladesh Government agencies concerned
    • discuss about logistical work flow procedures
  • Tender Stage
    • firm offer ex-supplier’s factory up to free site
    • Customs Clearance
    • Detailed handling and delivery procedures
    • Road survey
  • Contracting Stage
    • Detailed discussion with all parties concerned (contractor, carriers, port handlers, port authority, customs authority)
    • Technical negotiations with shipping
    • Lines/truck companies/airlines
  • Project contract implementation
    • installation of tracking and tracing facility via Electronic Data
    • Interchange (EDI) at contractor’s facility
    • Personalized coordination, and supervision at international and local Levels
    • Assignment of project staff to contractor for a limited period
    • Arrangement with Insurance Surveyor
  • Post Project Completion
    • “handling out”
    • national/international forwarding of the products
    • consulting in forwarding/logistics
    • shipping of spare parts.

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