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Since 1991, ALL-TRANS CARGO SERVICES LTD is a leader in the field of logistics, providing superior service & solution, and is growing rapidly worldwide.

Our experienced stuff, efficient processes and leading technology is dedicated to providing total solution for design, implementation and management of your global logistics needs.

To lead our industry with best-in-class customer satisfaction and growth.

To complement our mission, we adopted a service of core values which define how we work

  • We work hard to exceed the expectation of our customers
  • We take pride in our work and our company
  • We conduct business with integrity and trust
  • We respect each other and recognize excellent performance
  • We seek continuous improvement a passion to be better
  • We believe in being a good corporate neighbour
  • We are responsive which underlines everything we do
  • And we believe quality growth and increasing profits are the result

Our mission establishes customers satisfaction as the primary goal. At All-Trans Cargo Services Ltd customers satisfaction means meeting our customers timing requirements, making it easy to do business with us, proving error-free service, and delivering value. We will achieve best-in-class customer satisfaction by.

  • Understanding and acting upon our customers requirements
  • Measuring customers satisfaction with our services
  • Benchmarking solution and innovations within our industry
  • Continuously improving our business processes
  • Providing an effective and efficient work environment for our employees
  • Linking employee pay to customer's satisfact
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