Air Freight - Import

An experienced & knowledgeable team provides competitive quotations as well as provide all kind of customer services for local customs clearance of import goods (Air/Sea/Land).

We provide shipment pre-alerts & arrival notice as well as issue shipping instructions to the customer, expedited local customs clearence & pick up with a very competative state.


  • Pre-Alert must be sent to us upon uplift.
  • Pre-Alert must contain following information: Shipper’s & Consignee’s name Pieces, commodity, weight/volume & value for customs Flight no., etc., MAWB and HAWB No. Order/style number of goods (Incase of wearing apparels)
  • Copy of letter of credit(Only for letter of credit shipment)
  • MAWB must be prepaid (unless otherwise agreed prior to uplift)
  • Please ensure any freight collect invoices + profit share statements are included in the document pouch/enclosed HAWB

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